Advantages to registering with Lirik Systems

- Fast access to an appropriate engineer
- On-Site technical support
- Lower billing rates and monthly terms
- No need to register again for each incident

Fast Access to the Best Level of Expertise

Once you have signed up as a Lirik System’s client you can access Lirik Systems’ IT expertise for scheduled tasks such as server installations or email migrations, ongoing projects such as network security and performance monitoring, and all unexpected network emergencies that require fast and professional response. Your account manager will make sure that the appropriate technical resources are available, and the lead engineer assigned to your account will over time become familiar with your environment and be able to provide increasingly efficient service.

Lower Billing Rates and More Convenient Terms

          Existing Lirik Systems’ customers receive the lowest billing rates offered by us and for long-term projects or multiple small jobs the savings compared to emergency online rates can be substantial. Your account manager can explain the billing rates available to you for various tasks and, for companies with good credit, can also arrange for billing terms of up to 30 days. We charge no sign-up fee so no matter how you look at it, you come out ahead as a registered Lirik Systems client.

          On-Site Technical Support if Required.  Lirik Systems can provide on-site technical support for registered clients. Although Lirik Systems is one of the leading providers of affordable online IT support and has developed innovative ways to resolve the majority of network problems remotely. We also recognizes that many situations do require a certified computer technician to be physically present at your Site. Once you have signed up as a Lirik Systems customer, we can schedule on-site service calls in usually less than 24 hours.

How to Sign Up with Lirik Systems

To contact Lirik Systems about signing up for free as a client please call (888) 800-0911 or send an e-mail to

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